Interior | Exterior Painting

New View Painting wants to assist residents in Poughkeepsie, NY with painting and improving their homes. I have an outstanding reputation for completing every project with diligence and quality. I am an experienced painting contractor who completes every project with timeliness and professionalism.

My methods for painting are proven to keep your work site clean, neat, and safe throughout the duration of the project. From the beginning of a project, I help residents pick the best paint and materials to suit their individual budget. This includes some of the top brands like Sherwin Williams, Dunn-Edwards, and Frazee. I will work with each resident to customize their paint colors, techniques, and finishes. I also take into consideration any environmental concerns with specialized paint products to lessen odor and toxicity.

There is no job too big or too small for me. Whether your home is newly constructed or decades old, I have you covered with quality painting. I undertake a specialized painting process, including the following:

• Setup—Areas within the residence are cleared of furniture or covered with protective material. This includes plastic sheeting and drop cloths. For exterior painting, I pressure wash and prime exterior walls.

• Preparation—For walls with cracks, holes, or dents, I fill, sand, and seal these surfaces for uniformity. I also cover old paint with a primer.

• Painting—Owners can specify the exact areas they would like painted, along with any special designs, stains, or finishes.

• Cleanup—All materials, tools, tape, and coverings are removed once painting is complete. Furniture is replaced, and the work site is returned to its original condition.

Upon completion of your painting, I personally inspect the workmanship. Clients are welcome to offer feedback on the finished product. Need some painting completed in Poughkeepsie, NY? Explore your options with New View Painting.


Wallpaper coverings change the feeling of a room instantly, without the fumes or drying time involved with home painting. But, as children age or a room changes purposes, wallpaper removal becomes necessary. This task requires more than simply tearing the wallpaper off. In fact, ripping wallpaper down can cause damages to the underlying surface. Trust New View Painting in Poughkeepsie, NY to carefully handle wallpaper removal in your home.

Fresh wallpaper can turn a room from boring to beautiful. Before attempting wallpaper removal on your own, let me figure out the best approach. Customers need to know the type of wall covering they have up, along with the condition of the wall surface underneath the paper. I make sure the wallpaper does not leave significant damages once removed.

In most cases, wallpaper removal is straightforward and simple with the right tools and techniques. This is usually when drywall or plaster are used underneath. The type of wall surface underneath will determine the method of removal. At New View Painting, we employ a variety of techniques, including the following:

• Dry-Stripping—For drywall surfaces, dry-stripping is the easiest way to perform wallpaper removal. This involves simply loosening strips of wallpaper with a putty knife before slowly peeling them off, followed by adhesive removal. I work to avoid damaging the drywall with this process.

• Soaking—If wallpaper cannot be removed by stripping, the next process involves using a wallpaper removal solution. The surface of the wallpaper is soaked in the solvent usually with a spray bottle or roller. The dissolved wallpaper is then scraped off.

• Steaming—I use this process for wall surfaces that are most likely to be damaged with wallpaper removal. A wallpaper steamer is used to soften the wallpaper so that it can be easily scraped away.

Property owners in Poughkeepsie, NY should leave wallpaper removal to the professionals. At New View Painting, I have the experience and skill to select the correct removal technique.

Count on me to keep damages to wall surfaces at a minimum.


Taping is the number one key to a successful paint job. Proper taping results in clean, professional paint lines once paint has completely dried. For crisp, expert results on your next painting job, utilize the services of New View Painting in Poughkeepsie, NY.

I am focused on helping clients get the best results from their home painting. The first step should always be using the best tape for the job. The type of tape used for painting will vary depending on the wall surface and paint finish. Use different types of tape depending on the following wall surfaces:

• Delicate—These are surfaces that easily stain and require intense protection to prevent damage. I use the tape that will best protect these delicate surfaces.

• Textured—Textured walls require tape that is strong and able to adhere to multiple surfaces. This includes tiles in bathrooms and walls with rough textured finishes.

• Smooth—Wall surfaces that are slick and smooth require taping that will keep paint from seeping underneath. The right tape with stick to smooth walls with strength and be easily removable upon completion.

The right taping is essential to get a professional, sharp-looking paint job. After choosing the correct type of tape, I employ proven techniques to ensure the tape does not fall off during painting. Avoid having to re-do your paint with proper taping the first time around.

Residential home painting requires the expert touch of someone with experience and practice. With New View Painting, I give in Poughkeepsie, NY residents the painting job they envision.

Get the most out of your paint job with professional taping from me.